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Gold is Gold is shiny. Gold is glamorous. Gold is considered one of the most precious metals in all the world. Available in yellow, white and rose hues, gold is extremely versatile and elegant. Explore our gold guides to find out more about this remarkable metal.

Carat is the measurement of purity of gold alloyed with other metals , this means that if the gold purity is higher, the value therefore is too.

For example, an 18kt piece of gold jewellery will always be worth more than a 14kt piece of gold jewellery and this does not change, whether you are choosing between white gold, yellow gold or rose gold.

  • 14kt gold

    This carat of gold denotes 58.5% purity , it a popular choice for those looking for a longer lasting piece of jewellery.
    Look for 14k to be stamped on the gold or the numbers 585.

  • 18kt gold

    This carat of gold denotes 75.0% purity and is used mainly for fine jewellery. Look out for the numbers 750 or the 18k stamp.

  • 22kt gold

    This carat of gold denotes 91.7% purity, making it an expensive metal and very soft. Therefore, it is mainly used for plain gold jewellery.
    Look for 22k to be stamped on the gold or the numbers 917.

  • 24kt gold

    This is the highest carat gold, denoting 99.9% gold purity. It cannot be used for jewellery because it is too soft to work with. Therefore, it is mainly used for gold coins or bar. Look for 24k to be stamped on the gold or the numbers 99.9.

24kt gold

Gold is naturally yellow and too soft to be crafted into jewellery, so it is mixed with other more durable metals to make a stronger alloy and possibly an alternative colour.

Gold Comes in Three Hues : White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold

White Gold : White gold is created through alloying pure gold with white metals such as palladium or silver. In addition it is usually plated with rhodium to create a harder surface with a brighter shine. white gold jewellery is an affordable alternative to platinum and is tarnish free, making it an ideal material to complement diamonds and other gemstones. White gold has become the overwhelming choice for engagement rings and wedding bands in Uk.

White Gold
Yellow Gold

Yellow Gold : This colour of gold is created by combining pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc and copper. Yellow gold in all its forms is an easy metal to care for, it’s resistant to rust and tarnishing and while the shine may fade when in contact with detergents or moisturisers, this is easily rectified by polishing with a soft cloth which will restore the shine to its original.

Rose Gold : The magic comes from combining yellow gold, silver and copper metals (the silver and copper teaming up to create the warm pink hue). Rose Gold popularised in the 1920's after Louis Cartier designed and wore the 'Trinity ring', suited to more skin tones than yellow gold and sets off other metal colours well.

Rose Gold
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